The services are customatized depending on the needs of the customers. A discussion before starting the process makes it clear what is required.

Product Designing Services

Trend research, Mood boards, Single garment design or complete collection, Development of existing designs, Range plans, Full-colour fashion & technical drawing also re-drawing rough pencil sketches, Print design and development from scratch or re-working existing prints

Product Development

Development of ideas for Production, Creating final designs, Patterns, gradings etc. Fabric & Accessories Sourcing, Technical specification- tech-packs/images preparation Pre-production Samples preparation, Fit Sessions, Size Charts, Garment Testing, Finalization of the final garments, Pre-shipment samples

Production Process

Fabrics & Accessories orders, Mass Production done in India at one or more factories depending on the garment type, Production process/Quality Assurance followed at various stages of production. Pre-shipment samples are sent. All items are handmade and quality checked throughout. Quality checks also take place in the finishing stages, before the items are pakaged for delivery.

Customatized Fabrics

Our fabrics are often made to order depending upon the need. In case of lesser quantities, the Fabrics are sourced to match the requirements for composition and handfeel. We also dye fabrics to meet the exact colour specifications and give materials additional treatments for softness. All kind of fabrics like knitted, woven, polyester etc. made to order.

Patterns & Sampling

If you require help getting your clothing designs production ready, we can help you to develop samples with right measurements and grading. We also create patterns in case you wish to just have the correct patterns.


We prepare Tech packs with detailed information about the garment design like the size measurements, care label instructions, art-work placement, fabric specifications, packing instructions etc. These are usefull in manufacturing and communication with the factories.

Lables & Tags

Customatized lables and tags are made by us. We can deliver any quantities of lables and tags.

Shipping Services

Finally when the production is ready, it is packed and delivered. Air freight is the fastest means of transport from India to Europe etc. However sea transport is also available. All goods delivered to the door. Only delivery services of goods ordered from different suppliers is also offered by us.

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